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8.8. 2020 Registration of the kennel

Never say never. During looking for names for Zarri's puppies (litter "G" Psi Mysteria) my kennel name "Abaz Nantti" came to my mind.
Nantti is a name of Zarri's daughter - Ginger Nantii, which is also derived from the name of her dam - Dunanti Crazy psi Mysteria. The word/name Nantii caught my attention, but it is not the best name to call a dog. So I was thinking it would be a nice kennel affix...but too short. So I also came with abbreviation Abaz, which are first letters of my dogs: A - Ája, B - Bessy, A - Aimee, Z - Zarri. So here it is - Abaz Nantii. As the time will pass by I will be looking for a Border Terrier female with assumption of good health, great character, strong hunting instict and promissing exterior. Why did I changed my mind? I have little Ginger already for two months with me for socialisation and Zarri's great character never stops to amaze me. He is a ballanced male with strong nerves and he is passing on his experience to little Ginger. I want him to be a part of upbringing together with a female.

border terrier

27.7.2020 Example of "Dog Rescue"

From 26th July to 30th July Cavalier camp (meeting of the Cavalier breed fans) was held in Vlastějovice. The organisator Michaela Cermakova offers various activities, seminars and examples of many dog sports. Members of SIRIUS - Marika Michajlová and Radim Pelán were asked to perform an example and introduction to rescue. The seminar was attended by all in the camp and practical example in a terrain followed.

border teriér sutiny border teriér sutiny border teriér sutiny border teriér sutiny border teriér sutiny border teriér sutiny border teriér sutiny border teriér sutiny border teriér sutiny border teriér sutiny

28.6. 2020 FPr1 test

Today in the rain and wind Zarri passed his very first tracking test - FPr 1.
It is self track rated under international rules - 300 steps long, 20 minutes old with 2 bends, 3 parts and 3 objects.
Zarri was praised by the judge for his work on the track. unfortunately he left two object unmarked, which cost us 14 points.
Anyway I am very happy and proud of him. He is my clover boy!

Result: Good 86 pt./ 100
Judge: František Matějek
Organisator: KK Zetor
Place: Zahradiště

Thank you to all for your support.

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20.6. 2020 Puppies from the litter G in the kennel Psi Mysteria

Pups are 8 weeks old and soon they will go to their new homes. I hope we chose the best owners together with the breeder Veronika. I hope they will follow to grow into beautiful dogs with excellent character and strong health and make their owners happy.

border terrier puppies border terrier puppies
Gloria Este Psi Mysteria - Italy - girl for shows and breeding
Ginger Nantti Psi Mysteria - Israel - girl for shows and breeding

border terrier puppies border terrier puppies
Grizzly Wayet Psi Mysteria - Germany - boy for obedience training
Goggo Izari Psi Mysteria - Czech Republic - boy for shows, obedience and hunting

border terrier štěňata

23.4.2020 Zarri became father again

4 days ago Zarri's second litter was born ♥♥♥♥
2x grizzly girl, 1x blue tan boy and 1x grizzly boy.
Their mum Crazy did great and takes very good care of the babies.
I am verry happy for them.

border terrier puppies
border terrier puppies border terrier puppies border terrier puppies border terrier puppies border terrier puppies

16.4.2020 Zarri became father

On Saturday 11th April Zarri became father of 3 puppies, unfortunately we lost two of them....However the last puppy - the girl - is doing very well. She is drinking very well and gaining weight. Her mum Dara is taking very good care. The girl is already booked.

border terrier border terrier border terrier

19. 3. 2020 Pregnancy confirmed

We recieved fabulous news in these uneasy times.
If all goes well, Zarri will become father of two litters. Both bitches were mated in the begining of February and pregnancy was conformed in both cases.
❤️ I am over the moon ❤️
More info coming soon ....

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4.3. 2020 Zarri's new profi photos

check the new photos HERE
Photo by

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1.2.2020 Duo CACIB Brno

Judge: Mellin Charlotta (SE)
Champion class: Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Cruft's 2021 qualification
Zarri is now fully qualified for CHAMPION ČMKU!

And as a bonus Kája & Zarri: 1st place JUNIOR HANDLING (older cathegory).
They were amazing!

border terrier
border terrier border terrier border terrier border terrier

border terrier

23.12. 2019 Zarri's brithday

Happy birthday too youuu. Happy birthday too youuu. Happy birthday dear Zarri, happy birthday too youuu!
Three years ago, my beloved Zarri was born. He is not a baby anymore, nor a teenager, Today he is an grown-up male. He is still my Mc Dreamy!
I hope he is happy with us and he will keep the good health for many years!

border terrier

20.12. 2019 New photos in Zarri's gallery


border teriér krytí

13.12.2019 Looking back at 2019

Zarri will celebrate 3 years within ten days and so it is time for recapitulation.
I am very pleased with this year season - we managed all I have planned...

This yeas we managed to pass 7 test - 3 rescue, 2 obedience, 1 hunting and 1 sport. In the field of rescue he passed all conditions for the top test "3" RH - FL B. In obedience he met all conditions to be transfered to OB 2 and at the Czech Championship of terriers he was placed 3rd in OB1.

Zarri did great also at shows. He managed to become champion od Czech, Slovakia and Hungary as a bonus he also met conditions of C.I.B., Slovak Grand Champion and got qualification for Crufts in 2020.

Some numbers at the end. Until today Zarri holds:
5x BOJ ( Best of Junior)
3x BOS (Best opposite sex)
13x BOB (Best of Breed)
3x JCH, 3x CH, GrCh, C.I.B., BIS...

Zarri became a model of D4M -
You can also see his face at the website of our vet clinic of Dr. Hladík -

Massive thanks to our traning partners Jarka and Tristan, to the trainers Romana Policka, Regi & Soni. And many others who gave us help or shared their car with us. Last but not least - thank you for the care to MVDr.Petra Mackova and also to MVDr.Kristyna Lutovska.

border terrier border terrier

7.- 8.12.2019 We ended this years show season in Austria

IHA WELS 7.12.2019
Champion class: Excellent 2, res.CACA, res.CACIB
Judge: Kremser Brigita (SLO)

IHA WELS 8.12.2019
Champion class: Excellent 1, CACA, CACIB, BOB!
Judge: Groselj Melitta (SLO)

Zarri needs the last CACA to become Austrian Champion.

border terrier

6.12.2019 Results of the reproduction profile

Reprodukcni profil - male - PCR
Chlamydia-PCR negativ
Herpes-PCR negativ
Mycoplasma spp.-PCR negativ
Brucella canis-PCR: negativ

border terrier stud male

1.- 2.11. 2019 Praktický závod

Ztraceni v Podrhadí - Halloween special
You can see Zarri at the time 15:10 on the video below...

border teriér sutiny border teriér sutiny border teriér sutiny border teriér sutiny

25. - 27. 10. 2019 DANUBE 3x CACIB Bratislava

Judges: Matakovic Bojan (HR), Taulos Tiina (FI), Jovanovic Nemanja (RS)

Champion cl.: 3x Exc., 3x CAC, 2x CACIB, 1x res. CACIB
Zarri becomes new Slovak Grand Champion!

border teriér sutiny

13. 10. 2019 Rescue tests

It's done! My exam plan for this year is successfully finished.❤️

Zarri today passed his third rescue test of area search.
At the special he had to mark 2 people in area of 100x200m and 1 person outside the area before the test began. All together 3 people in the time limit of 15 minutes without reward.
+ obedience

RH - FL A 274 pts., very good
Judge: P. Šabacký
Organisator: ZBKMSK + Martina Dostálová (Thank you very much for the organisation!)
Place: Větřkovice

❤️ Thank you, Zarri ❤️

Our plan for the next year is clear!
We are going to train for the top exam of the third level RH FL - B.

border teriér sutiny
border teriér sutiny border teriér sutiny border teriér sutiny border teriér sutiny border teriér sutiny

11. 10. 2019 Canisteraphy

Sometime ago a lady contacted me through a FB group of canisteraphy team as - she was looking for a canisteraphy dog for her friends 4 year old child with autism. We had our first session today with František and his dad.
The little one enjoyed the walking and and also retrieving. Zarri did great :)
Photos published with permission of the parents.

border teriér sutiny border teriér sutiny border teriér sutiny

29. 9. 2019 Search and Rescue dog test

My boy Zarri passed his second rescue (area search) test. In special he had to find and mark 2 persons in the area of 100 x 200 m and also 1 person outside the area before the search begun. All together 3 persons in time of 15 min without a reward.
+ cca 10 min of obedience with obstacles also without a reward.

RH - FL A with 281 pts. & very good and as a cherry on the top of the cake with the highest score in our cathegory ❤️

There were 19 teams all together (2x B, 7x A, 5x V, 4x sp.A, 1x sp. V) and 12 passed.

❤️He is my McDreamy....who never lets me down.️ Thank you, Zarri! ❤️

Judge: special P. Šabacký, obedience D. Sedlák
Organisator: ZBKHK + Martin Brandner
Place: ZKO Ondřejov

Zarri again proved he has a great character. He is an extraordinary working, ballanced and attentive dog loving people and children and very nice to other dogs as well. Also he has good health.❤️

border teriér sutiny

8. 9. 2019 2nd Championship Obedience of the Czech Republic for Terriers

Judge: Christelle Nominé (FR)
OB1 3rd place 236,5 pts., very good

Summarisation of our performance:
Romana told me to enjoy the whole competition and above all Zarri has to enjoy it. With a help of a pill my stress was descreased a bit and I was trying to be possitive and make no mistakes.
I am very happy that Zarri did the first round with great energy, attention, enthusiasm, speed, actively possitioning himself and 98% of eye contact. He was looking forward for more and accepting my praise. All exercises was done well without "zero".
I was very moved with the applause after each exercise give by the audience and also the competitors among them also a judge Kristýna Másílková, who also came to me later personally.
Unfortunately with too much of excitement and joy also mistakes came. These was a voice with most of the exercises and also mistakes with paws. Here and there also inaccuracy.
But I went home with very good feeling. Thank you Zarri!

Huge thank you to our trainer Romana Policka, our friends Jarka with Tristan and Gabka for the place to train!

border teriér sutiny border teriér sutiny
border teriér sutiny border teriér sutiny border teriér sutiny border teriér sutiny border teriér sutiny

28.8.-1.9.2019 Debris training in Bchany

Again after one year we did the debris training camp - 4 days filled up with training, marking of hiding, obedience and also solo searching :)
Zarri was fabulous.

border teriér a záchranařina
Border Terrier rescue traning Border Terrier rescue traning Border Terrier rescue traning Border Terrier rescue traning
Border Terrier rescue traning Border Terrier rescue traning Border Terrier rescue traning Border Terrier rescue traning Border Terrier rescue traning

24.8.2019 IDS Mladá Boleslav

BIS, Ch. Multi JCh. Avico De Marco's Hunter, champion class: Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
+ Cruft's 2020 qualification
Judge: Vladimir Shiyan (UA)

BOB border terrier at Mlada Boleslav BOB border terrier at Mlada Boleslav

21.8. 2019 Cardio check for Aimee

Today I went with Aimee after half year for the complete heart check by MVDr.Kohout. Our granny's heart is absolutely fine with no changes since the last check. I am very happy.

cavalier king charles spaniel

18.-19.8. 2019 Camp in Příbram

Zarri has another rescue camp behind him. We were training in rubbles of old brewery and also in rocky hills in forrest in a military area. Zarri did a great job as always. Thank you for invitation and for the great time.

border teriér a záchranařina border teriér a záchranařina border teriér a záchranařina

3.-10.8. 2019 LVT Heroltice

After our holiday break we went to a dog camp with Zarri, where we did the rescue training and obedience. In our free time we also tried agility and he was fabulous :) It was a great camp and we hope to be there the next time as well.

7.8. 2019 Zarri the model

Zarri's picture was chosen as pattern for the breed of Border Terrier in D4M clothes.
We are very happy and thank you.

border teriér

22.6.2019 IDS Intercanis

Judge: Mrs. Ovesná
Open class: Exc.1, CAC
Zarri got the last needed CAC and became CZCH CHAMPION.

border teriér

15.6.2019 Birthday party

Today little Aimee celebrated her 11th birthday. She is doing very well for her age. She can manage 10km long walks, her heart is ok and she has a great apetite! All the best, Aimee!

border teriér


Today we were at the forest hunting tests (LZ "deer tracking") and Zarri did the test with 1st prize and full score in all disciplines!
He is such a clever boy!

border teriér

10. - 12.6.2019 3x CACIB KOMÁROM

BIS, Ch. Multi JCh. Avico De Marco's Hunter
Open class:
10.6. Tibor Havelka (SK)
11.6. Radvanszky Katalin (HU)
12.6. Erdos Laszlo (HU)

3x CAC
1x Res. CACIB
2x BOB

Zarri is now fully qualified for C.I.B. and he became Hungarian Champion.

border teriér


Route: 49 km from Čerčany to Prčice

Real length: 56 km!
Alarm clock: 3:45
Start: 6:45 / Th end: cca 18h
Return to home: + - 22h

I may have a little superhero - Zarri could have about 70km in his feet and during the whole march he was running all the time. He was getting to know other girls, play with JRT and 2km before the finish he was chasing a stafford girl after being in season. He immeadiately fell asleep during the wait for a bus home. He slept all the way home. But do not worry, today we took our 5km walk and he was again flying.

border teriér border teriér border teriér border teriér border teriér border teriér

8. - 10. 5. 2019 DEBRIS CAMP

We spent 3 days training on debris in austrian Tritolwerk...
Great place, view with mountains and simulators. It was a great new experience for Zarri. Hopefully we will benefit from it during our tests.
But above all it was a great team of people, thank you very much!

border teriér
border teriér border teriér border teriér border teriér border teriér border teriér border teriér

27.4.2019 BH test

Zarri ,, The Love Of My life ''
I habe no other words.....

Today Zarri passed BH - VT with result: Excellent, 60 pts./60
KK Kr. Pole
Judge: p. Bořuta

Huge thanks to our trainer Romana Polická.

border teriér border teriér border teriér

21.4. - 24.4. 2019 RESCUE CAMP

Zarri was training the searching this weekend. We also trained obedience and visited simulator in Austria. He did very well.

border teriér
border teriér border teriér border teriér border teriér border teriér border teriér border teriér border teriér border teriér border teriér border teriér border teriér border teriér border teriér

13. 4. 2019 RESCUE TEST

A small step for others but a big one for me and Zarri.
Today Zarri passed rescue test. It was a premier for both of us and I am very proud of him!

Place: Kunratice
Test: RH - FL V
190 pt./200 very good
(obedience 91, special 99)
Judge: Pavel Šabacký

I am over the moon.

border teriér
border teriér border teriér border teriér border teriér border teriér border teriér border teriér


border teriér border teriér border teriér border teriér border teriér


Judge - Bjork Lund (Finland)
On Saturday we fired up the new season of competitions and tests....
We were starting for the very first time in OB 1 and ended up with EXCELLENT 256 points.
Many thanks to our trainer Romana Policka and our traning buddies Jarka and Tristan.

border terrier


Zarri had his canisteraphy premiere in a kindergarden. He did great as always.

border terrier

6. 3. 2019 WENDY THE HORSE

Our breed standard says the Border Terrier is great dog with horses so I gave it a try and all went unexpectedly well :-)
The most beautiful wiev is fom the horse back... not only for people.
Today I took Zarri to meet horses and for a walk with a horse. He did very well.

border terrier border terrier border terrier border terrier border terrier border terrier
border terrier border terrier border terrier border terrier border terrier


border terrier border terrier border terrier border terrier


Today Zarri became a model for Tomas Stehlik's new camera. Thank you very much for the great photos!
Zarri did very well in this role.

border terrier border terrier border terrier

2.- 3. 2. 2019 DUOCACIB Brno

Zarri wasn't entered at the show, but together with my friends daughter Valuška, they competed in junior handling. Out of 18 children they made it to the finals and the judge V.Tichá placed them on 2nd place. They are both amazing. Zarri is a great show dog and managed the long JH cometition of three rounds very well.
It was also for the first time I entrusted my own dog to someone else. Their succeess together caused me both emotion and joy. :-)

Dogs handled by me:
Staffordshire bullterrier
Pumpkin Spice Latte Top Banana SATURDAY/SUNDAY
Junior class - Excellent / Excellent
Judge: Bergundthal Cornelia / W. Wood Terence

Bernese Mountain Dog SATURDAY
Eleanor z Podlesí Kosíře
Junior classh - Excellent /15
Judge: Ylä-Mononen Satu

border terrier

25.1.2019 IDS Nitra dog

BIS, CH, Multi. JCh Avico De Marco's Hunter, open cl. - Exc.1, CAC
Judge - M. Uhlíková
Zarri got 4th CAC today and he is now SLOVAK CHAMPION OF BEAUTY.

I also handled Irish Setter Black Jack DAISY RAIN, who got Exc.1, CAC and res.CACIB in working class. Andy is now SLOVAK CHAMPION.
Judge - Václavík

border terrier

23. 12. 2018 Birthday

"Zarri" Mr. Božský, Milovník, Mimin, Pinďulín, Píďa, Píďu.
♥ Is celebrating today his 2nd birthday ♥

I am so grateful for him. He is an amazing dog for training and showing.
It is a joy to work with him.
Happy birhday, my darling boy! :-*
All the best wishes also to his siblings Amy and Arow.

I would like to say thank you to all who support us, help us, take us for the training lessons and help our duo to grow and be better. Also thank you to all who envy us and spread gossips as this is also pushing us further and make me stronger.

As the end of the year is coming closer I would like to do a short recapitulation:
Zarri passed 5 different tests, got BEST IN SHOW title and begun to visit disabled people as a canisterapheutistic dog, flew by plane. But mostly he would do anything for our family. ♥ Aimee is doing quite well with only little problems, she is handling our regular 8km walks very well, barks and paws mice :D
I wish from the bottom of my heart to keep things as they are :-) We have many plans for the future, so we will see how we will do.

Merry Christmas and happy new year ♥♥♥

Marika, Aimee and Zarri

  border terrier  border terrier  border terrier

16. 12. 2018 Rescue competition

We took a part at winter rescue competition in Oslavany.
We had to move from parking place to an object, where a fake car crash was arranged. Then we had to search in an old abandoned two story house, including a basement and a hall, unknown number of people were inside after a gas explosion. Each team had two dogs and two handlers and 15 minutes for the search. We went to the floors and our team mate Dana Kroupova with Cora (Apenzeller Sennenhund) took the basement with the hall. Each dog found two people and I stopped the time for the discipline when Zari was done. Afterwards we had to pass the knowledge test of rescue. What were our results in the end?
Our team CORZAR was placed 1st! We didn't expect such a result as we had some troubles with the transmitters, but our dogs did very well.

 MVP NITRA DOG border teriér  MVP NITRA DOG border teriér

9. 12. 2018 IDS NITRA DOG

Avico De Marco's Hunter, open class - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
Judge - Ivan Vasiljevic (RO)

 IDS NITRA DOG border terrier

6. 12. 2018 Good morning at Czech TV

Today me and my colleague and friend Lucka Nollova took a part in broadcasting of "Good Morning", which is a morning program in CT2 - czech TV station. We made a presentation of the organisation Tlapky na cestě, where I am helping for years. We talked about adoption, organisation and our new calendar by a friend photographer Petr Kliment. We also invited the viewers for our advent meeting 8th December 10 AM - 17 PM, where an autographing of the personalites from the calendar will take its place.
Record of the show: HERE, HERE and also HERE
Invitation for the meeting: HERE

2. 12. 2018 IDS Prague Expo Dog

Avico De Marco´s Hunter, intermediate class - Exc.1, CAC, res.CACIB
Judge - M.Václavík

Prague Expo Dog

29. 11. 2018 IT IS HERE!

The new calendar by organisation Tlapky na cestě ❤ is out! Zarri did the charity photography at the end of November with famous tenis player Lucie Safarova. I am over the moon!
The photo is also in media - ZDE
You can buy the calendar at FB or website.

Tlapky na cestě Tlapky na cestě

16. - 19. 11. 2018 Eurodogshow Kortrijk - Belgium

BIS.Multi.Jch.Avico De Marco's Hunter

Intermediate class - EX 2, res.CAC + res.CACIB
Judge - Kene Frank (UK)

Intermediate class - EX 1, CAC, CACIB, Best male, BOS + Benelux Winner
Judge - Hehir T. (IRL)

Another great show weekend in Belgium is even more valuable then the last one as the Border Terriers were judged by judges from UK and Ireland.
I am also happy from the new handbag with Zarri.

Eurodogshow Kortrijk Eurodogshow Kortrijk

7. 11. 2018

Zarri was chosen as a model for Ritega ritega company as a representant of the breed Berder Terrier.
Cooperation was smooth.
Border terrier team ❤



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