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Marika is into cynology since 2002 when she first started to train her first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel girl Bessy. Together they trained a wide range of dog sports, where they got rich experience under experienced lectors. During the time she went through sport cynology, agility, hunting training, canisteraphy, dog dancing and coursing. Together they competed in most of those cathegories, attended K-9 dog school, where she was introduced to dog traing, showing and education. As the time went by, she got to train dogs from the courses and stand in for instructors when necessary. Since that time she also got chances to train dogs outside the training lessons.

New big experience came when a new Dog Park was open, where dogs are trained by positive motivation and shaping. Here she led lessons for beginners, puppy training, training for canisteraphy exams and shows.

Many articles were published about her work with dogs mostly in the field of canisteraphy.

Her big passion are breeds of bull type and sport for these breeds. She and her American Pitbull Terrier bitch Ája were being placed on top places in those competitions. She is a protagonist of positive motivation and modern traning methods, where dogs are traing because they want to and enjoy it not because they have to.