MARI DOGS - dog handling and canisteraphy, Border Terrier stud male Avico de Marco's Hunter




- practice since 2008
- since 2009 canisteraphy judge at Cantes o.s.
- at the moent we practice in mentally handicapped center Veleta, before Faculty Hospital Brno Bohunice - psychiatric clinic & additional events such as educational programs for kindergartens and elementary schools, visit in senior house Šanov, CT lectures under Faculty Hospoital Brno, BPD, cooperation with Club APBT
- in the past we practiced in hospital Milosrdných bratří - LDN, we took a part at conference for educational counselor for secondary school, A day against smoking at elementary school of Eliška Přemyslovna - sample of dog training (tracking a cigarette, defence and dogdancing), educational programs for kindergartens and elemetary schools, Children day care Domino, Brno's Dog Days - lecture about canisteraphy, Day care for deaf...

Now my canisterapheutistic dog is a Border Terrier.

For dog owners I also offer:
Obedience for practical life.
Dog traning for canisterapheutistic exams.